Cirrato Printer Terminal for Ricoh

version: 13.3 - Update 1   2019-07-08

Known limitations, known issues, installation notes: See end of document.
LRS recommends that the CPT is used with the latest release of the Cirrato server.

Changes in 13.3 - Update 1

Changes in 13.3

Changes in 13.2

Changes in 13.1.111

Changes in 2.0.12

Changes in 2.0.11

Changes in 2.0.10

Changes in 2.0.9

Changes in 2.0.8

Changes in 2.0.7

Changes in 2.0.6

Changes in 2.0.5

Changes in 2.0.4

Changes in 2.0.3

Changes in 2.0.2

Known limitations

Known issues


The installation of the Cirrato Printer Terminal is described in a separate document, Ricoh Cirrato Embedded installation guide .pdf

Installation on models with SDK/J 2.x VM Card type C (only valid for version 2.0.12 or earlier) requires a special customized firmware and associated SDK/J with the "CopyLock" function. This can be orderd from Ricoh-partnr: B2385601R_CS5857.fwu